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Wall & Bathroom Mirrors:

•    These are typically installed directly onto the wall with MIRROR MASTIC
•    Mirror glass is heavy and fragile, ¼” its always recommended along with  support.
•    All of our mirrors are "cut to fit," so you can be as creative as you would like with your space.
•    Maximum size in one sheet of mirror is 84" by 130".
•    Sheets of mirror can be organized next to each other to cover an entire wall.
•    It's appealing to use the largest size mirrors for a seamless look, but first, make sure that mirror sheets can fit through the doors and into the bathroom space.
•    We normally use J-bars or L-bars to support the mirror at the bottom and top. Several different finishes and colors are available, including: chrome, brushed nickel, brass and oil rubbed bronze.
•    Decorative Clips, standoffs and rosettes are also available. These can be installed either on the corners or through the mirrors for achieving your desired look.
•    We use mastic to glue the mirror to the wall for maximum safety.
•    Decorative edges, such as a beveled edge, are available.
•    Concerned about the openings in the wall? Worry no more; we can provide openings for electrical outlets. Safety Backing may be required, depending on the size of the mirror and number of openings for items such as electrical outlets.
•    Mirror also comes in different colors and looks.