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Installation of Impact Windows and Doors

We are specialized in the installation of windows and doors. MGI can install -either on your residence or your business- impact resistant windows and doors, enhancing the look of your property. Our product deters not only hurricane-force winds, but also any possible intruders. Our company offers good prices and a professional team of workers.

Eco Window Systems Products

EcoGuard Serie® impact resistant Windows and Doors combine heavy-duty aluminum frames with impact-resistant laminated glass. A special silicone glazing keeps the glass from breaking away from the frame. Although the glass may crack on impact, the interlayer keeps the glass intact, preventing destructive wind from entering your home.

In a structure where doors and windows are located 30 feet or less from ground level, you must install products that are large-missile impact resistant. Where doors and windows are located more than 30 feet above ground level, you may install products that are either large-missile resistant or small-missile resistant. EcoGuard Serie® products are both large- and small-missile resistant. EcoGuard Series® products with aluminum frames have Miami-Dade County product approval for both large & small-missile resistance.

• Single Hung Window
• Casement Window
• Fixed Lite Architectural Window
• Awning Window
• Horizontal Roller Window
• French Doors
• Sliding Glass Doors
• Prime Door
• Glass railing
• Garage Doors
• bi-fold Door
• Courting wall (coming soon)

MGI products not only protect your home, but also offer many options for enhancing your home’s appearance and resale value, while reducing energy costs and protecting fabrics and furnishings. You can choose from many types of window and door styles, depending on your individual tastes and needs.