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Types of Glass Shower Enclosures

The first thing you have to know is the type of shower you need. You'll choose from the following types:

 image003 Single Door
A glass shower door with your choice of glass type, hardware and more. This door can open to the left or right.
image004 Door & Panel Shower Doors
Also known as an inline shower, this type includes a glass shower door and at least one other glass panel. The door can attach to glass or to the wall, and can open from the left or right.
image005 L 90° Shower Door
This type consists of two glass walls and two solid walls, and fits in the corner of your bathroom. The door can attach to glass or to the wall and can open to the left or right.
image006 135° Shower Doors
This beautiful diamond-shaped shower door is another type of corner shower door. There are usually 5 panels - two solid and three glass, but configurations can vary.
image007 Sliding Shower Doors
Beautiful and stylish, our frameless sliding shower doors have a low-profile, heavy-duty smooth sliding mechanism at the top. The rest is unadulterated glass
image008 Bathtub Doors
If you're looking to replace your shower curtain, our full line of sliding and swinging bathtub shower doors are just what you need.
image009 Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Configurations
Once you've chosen your shower door type, you'll choose the configuration. This simply means that you choose the shape that best suits your home. For example, some showers are next to the bathtub, which requires a knee or half wall. Sometimes there are half walls on both sides. Or sometimes the showers require two glass panels or three glass shower panels. Any configuration you need will be available to you during the quote process.
image010 Shower Door Glass Panel Types
The glass panels form the basis for your whole shower, so we want you to be confident that you're getting the best. Sturdy tempered glass shower panels are available in several thicknesses, including premium 1/2"" glass. You can also choose different colors and styles, like bronze or frosted glass


Hardware for your Shower Doors
Our premium shower door hardware is the keystone of your shower door. Durable and designed to last, our hardware keeps your shower door working properly. Here are the components you can select from during your quote process:

image011 Clamps and U-channels
Clamps are a sturdy choice for your shower door, but some configurations of your shower will require a u-channel.
image012 Handles and Pulls
Choose from a variety of styles, designed to add a personal flair to your shower, and match the rest of your decor.
image013 Door Hinges
You'll choose between a standard hinge or a pivot hinge. The pivot hinge is used for a pivot shower door. There are different considerations for each that you'll want to think about.